How I went from feeling like the ugliest girl on the planet to feeling like a million bucks.

You probably have big dreams for yourself.

You want to put in your all just to get there. 

But there’s so many self-help books out there “claiming” that they can help you succeed.  

You read descriptions after descriptions of each book, trying to decide which one to read.

Then, you just decide to not do it at all because of the overinflux of info coming from different people. 

This ends up becoming overwhelming

Then, you see yourself putting your goals on the back burner. 

Before you know it, you are still in the same place you have been in for years.

Just feeling horrible about yourself.

It’s frustrating. It’s unfair.

You deserve better and I’m here to help. 

This is how I can help you...

Cherish AngelHi, I’m Cherish Angel.

I’m a mindset and confidence wellness coach. I help women entrepreneurs grow their confidence and shape their mindset so that they can accomplish their greatest goals and desires.

Are you:

  • Dreaming of the day when you stop the negative self talk
  • Tired of being your biggest critic
  • Hating that you don’t trust your own abilities 
  • Wanting to get over perfectionism 
  • Tired of feeling constantly stressed when you have another thing to add to your to-do list
  • Struggling with balancing the work-life scene
  • Feeling overwhelmed about the amount of work that needs to be done
  • Feeling like your goals are getting nowhere

If so, then you are at the right blog!

Here are a few things you’ll learn here:

  • How to get over failures and making mistakes
  • Gaining power over your negative thoughts to use them to your advantage
  • Strategies to overcome shyness
  • Feel lighter and more at peace
  • Getting clarity on what’s holding you back from achieving your goals
  • Getting rid of clutter to destress
  • Pronounce your voice within your relationships and your workplace

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Where it all began...

For the longest time, I was always criticizing myself.

I didn’t know where it came from but I assumed it was from being bullied severely in middle school and high school.

I was mainly bullied because I was the only person with type 1 diabetes (back then, it wasn’t very common).

I had to take insulin shots and leave class early to go to the nurse’s office to take a check.

People gossiped about me, laughed at me, and in the beginning of high school, I even got rejected for a date because the guy didn’t want to “catch it”. The ignorance, yall.

It had gotten to the point where I transferred to many different schools thinking I could run away from the problem.

Maybe if I didn’t tell anyone or maybe if I stopped going to the nurse, it would help.

Maybe if I just kept to myself and talked to no one it would help.

But that was far from the truth.

At the end, I just found myself becoming more shy because I was afraid of getting judged.

Fast forward to adult life, I got into relationships that were seriously damaging to my mental health. 

I had previous relationships where I was taken advantage of and constantly belittled.

I started to recognize a pattern. I realized the issue was something that I had to fix within myself.

Because people were always going to talk about me whether good or bad. I had to get over that.

I knew this feeling had to change.

I knew I had to start standing up for myself.

Then, I launched into the self-improvement research journey by graduating with a Bachelors in Psychology!

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with admission to the Psi Chi Honors club.

Psychology is my life. It’s my creme de la creme. 

Now I am currently working on my masters to become a marriage family therapist.

I learned a lot about psychology from college.

And now you will still see me using a ton of psychology concepts I learned there in my blog today.

I also researched into the power of manifestation, confidence and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) techniques.

I looked into the best authors on the subject, different seminars, presentations, and workbooks just so I could get some sort of an idea on how this process is supposed to be done and how all the subjects are related.

I also wanted to practice on myself.

I knew I wanted info that was backed up by science so I knew that it had worked before.

I also wanted information from a spiritual level since happiness and spirituality have been found to be correlated (Sharma & Sharma, 2016) .

I read up books from Carol Dweck, the psychologist, who molded her studies around why and how people succeed.

I listened to podcasts from Deepak Chophra, an alternative-medicine advocate who focused on teaching the workings of mindfulness.

I took seminars from Ether Hicks to learn about the conscious, subconscious, and the depths of manifestation.

With trial and error, I came up with a plan than intertwined them all together and my insecurities started vanishing.

I found myself being able to speak with authority, look people in the eye when talking to them and I could walk into a room full of beautiful people and still feel like a goddess.

Later on, I got the chance to use some of my strategies while working as a crisis counselor.

During that career, I took on multiple 1:1 clients successfully helping them come to a more happy place by guiding them on steps to boost their confidence after they told me about the many different heartaches that were troubling them.

Doing this, I learned so much about the psyche, why people do the things that they do, and how people can come to a solution for difficult and challenging situations.

Now the plan is to pour out content to show what has worked for me and my previous clients

I make a ton of material regularly from things that I have tried out. 

I am constantly researching into newer updated techniques

Whichever works the best is what I make available to you.

Mindset and confidence building can be complicated and it’s not as simple as everyone puts it out to be.

Let’s do it together with 100% actionable, straight-forward, value-packed content!

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