Are you Losing Customers Because You’re Not Organized?

The ability to be more productive within your business and your life appeals to you. 

But you are not organized.

You are tied down with a bunch of paperwork. You have to go through hundreds of tools to get things done.

It’s time consuming.

It’s frustrating.

It’s stressful. 

We all want more people buying our products and services.

We all want to finish our to-do lists and we want to get it done in as little time as possible. 

But how can we get the results that we want to get? 

We need to first understand why our business and our overall livelihood should stay organized because if not, you will find yourself losing customer after customer after customer.

How can being disorganized cause you to lose customers? Well it starts with….

Wasted Opportunities

Let me be a little blunt and straight-forward.

We all know that being disorganized does not look good.

BUT, being disorganized not only doesn’t look good but it also looks and gives off an unprofessional vibe. 

And let me also say that I am not by all means judging people on doing this because, I get it.

We have all had our moments when we get wrapped up in other things.

And I have been in this position before when I started my second business. 

But I quickly learned that being unorganized is one of the biggest things that can cause your business to fail.

Big companies do not want to work and collaborate with a company who can’t get their information, services or products together in an orderly and timely fashion.

Being disorganized, means you might miss out on missed meetings and events that can potentially drive more traffic to your business and bring in more customers.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you were offered an opportunity to present your business at a huge international event? 

But then, you ended up missing it, only because you made a little stupid forgetful mistake of not writing down the date anywhere or because you lost the paper where you wrote down the date?

That would make you feel horrible. 

More opportunities will come to you and stay with you if you make being organized a priority.

A Poor State of Mind.

When you are not organized, your mind feels cluttered and it leaves an effect on your mood.

Whenever I have had days where I have been disorganized, I have noticed that my mind also feels disorganized.

It’s almost like my thoughts are cluttered with a bunch of things that I have to get done.

Then, fixating on the clutter all day ends up making me feel stressed, irritable, and tense. 

This is not an uncommon thing.

This has been PROVEN with science.

Research has shown that cortisol (the stress hormone) levels are higher in people who have a cluttered home compared to people who do not have a clutter home.

It may also cause you to lose sleep according to another study.

Putting this all together may impact how you talk to other people.

It could be a day when it catches up to you and you are not even noticing it.

This would be the day when you interact poorly with your customers and the people you are collaborating with.

Don’t let this be you.

You need to feel happy for yourself and for your business. 

Higher business expenses.

When you’re unorganized you may have to fork out a great deal of money paying for extra things that you wouldn’t have had to pay for if you were organized.

Maybe it’s that you pay extra because you missed a sale deadline for a tool that you really needed.

Maybe you lose money because you forgot about a client that you were scheduled to see the following week.

Whatever the case may be, for small businesses who have limited resources, a little organization problem can eventually turn into big problems  that get out of control.

The next thing you are doing is paying to fix those costs. 

Higher business expenses to fixing organization problems means less available money to put towards perfecting your customer’s experience.

What happens when your customer experience is not that great? 

You lose customers.  

By staying on top of invoices and bookkeeping, you can cut expenses a great deal and put more money towards bettering the customer experience.

Less productivity

One of the biggest challenges that small business owners struggle with is managing workflow.

This gets even more complicated if you are not organized.

You may find yourself putting less time into customer support, less time into doing research for new products, and maybe even less effort into everyday business tasks. 

We all know that as business owners, you cant be everywhere at once. 

Our time is limited.

Working in a place that is organized will do wonders for reducing the amount of time spent hunting down files or inventory and it will increase the amount of time that you have for promoting and selling to customers.

You may also find your mind wandering. 

One study shows that being disorganized makes it harder for your brain to focus and it makes it harder for your brain’s working memory to do its job.  

Another study shows that disorganization makes people less productive by triggering coping and avoidance strategies that make us more likely to snack on junk food and watch endless TV shows.

If you are not productive then are you really working on keeping or making new customers?

Not really.

What are some tips you would give a new business owner who wants to stay organized? Comment below. 

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