7 Sensational Organizing Shows on Netflix and Hulu | Stream it or ditch it?

There are so many organizing shows on Netflix and if you are limited on time you might want to check out this article. 

This article has every organizing show on Netflix as updated to January 2021.

Let’s dive in to see how I rated all of these declutter shows on Netflix and Hulu. 

Organzing Shows on Netflix

This show follows Clea and Joanna’s journey with their clients. 

The fun part of this show is that their clients are celebrities. 

Joana and Clea work heavily on closet related clutter, so if this is you, this is a must watch. 

Joanna and Clea also give a twist to their organizing by transforming traditional organizing, and merging it with design and interior styling. 

The verdict: Stream it!

This organizing show on Netflix incorporates organization and mental peace. 

Marie Kondo heavily focuses on minimizing and maximizing space by helping people find what sparks joy and what doesn’t spark joy. 

If you want to have more fun while learning how to declutter and organize, Marie Kondo also has a fun book where she guides you step by step through comic-like drawings. 

The verdict: Ditch it.

Although I really love Marie Kondo’s work, I find that the show can get really repetitive. I found it way more interesting when I read the book. 

Although this is really not an organizing show, I find that it can be helpful because it gives you ideas on ways you can save on space. 

It even has a few episodes on maximizing space with children. 

The verdict: Stream it!

4. Minimalism

Minimalism is a declutter documentary on Netflix that follows the journey of Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. Throughout this documentary, both creators talk about the importance of rejecting the American ideal on valuing possessions.

This organizing show on Netflix gives a great overview of a new perspective to possessions and how we can feel happier by have more organized, stress-free lives if we continued to live like this. 

The verdict: Ditch it!

I know what you’re thinking. Why ditch it? That sounds great. Well ….keep reading. Read about the next show and I will tell you why. 

5. The minimalist: Less is now

This show is very much the same as the first minimalism show. It almost striked me as odd since it seemed like a complete replica, at first.

However, the big difference between this version and the version, “minimalism”, is that “the minimalist” goes into detail on the first steps to become a minimalist.

With this, they talk about their experience using the boxing method and it is very innovativated. 

And maybe they sprinkle in more testimonials and more statistics but the main thing that irked me was that, yes they give you an idea on how to start but they don’t give you any ideas on how to maintain the lifestyle. 

If you can get past the scripted talk and their repeated words of how great minimalism is, then I say it’s a yes. 

The verdict: Stream it!

*However, I still say it’s an okay start to getting a basic idea of what it means to be a minimalist. If you really want to make this more practical, I would say it would be better to put some research into books that go into more detail about the process. 

Organzing Shows on Hulu

1. Design on a Dime

This has to be one of the best home improvement and organization shows streaming.

I like how they incorporate budgeting because most shows often miss this important element.

Although most of the show covers design elements, they do also cover decluttering. 

The verdict: Stream it!

2. Clean House (Live TV)

This reality series is about a team of experts who help families declutter and reorganize for the sake of simplicity. 

This show has a interesting twist in which they convince the families to sell their belongings. They do this so that they could use that money for the makeover, although the family does not find this out till the end.  

The verdict: Stream it

Which of the organizing shows on Netflix and Hulu have you watched and which one is your favorite?

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