Running a small business and managing mom duties can be completely stressful. That is why I have created a resources page with the best tools that have helped me manage it all.


Organization Tools

Goals on Track

To reduce the stress added on to being an entrepreneur, I make sure to get ahead of my mindset and business goals. I always make sure that the goals that I make are clear and that they're planned out in a way that fits my particular circumstances. Goals on Track is a goal setting and management online software that helps you achieve more by walking you through the entire goal-setting process that is discussed within the goal achieving course.  If you run into trouble on what kind of sub-goals to make, Goals on Track has built-in templates that can give you some suggestions. For more detailed and specific help, one on one coaching is definitely recommended.

Day Designer

If you prefer to write out your goals in the old fashion way, I would recommend using Day Designer which has daily, weekly, today, and to-do planners.  I use this mainly for when I need to run mommy errands and remember things that are really important during my day. This is especially true since I find that I tend to forget things more if I just jot it down in my phone calendar or my notes in my phone.


This is one of my most favorite tools for collaborating with others within my business. I use this so that me and other collaborators can all stay organized when we are working stay on big projects.

Mindset Tools


The mommy app, Peanut, has helped my mindset and has helped me reduce stress in two ways. It has helped me transform my mindset by boosting my confidence by meeting new people and getting practice in socializing so that I would become more comfortable with it. Instead of avoiding social situations, I have found that it's better to get out and practice making conversation with others in person so that over time you get more and more comfortable. Peanut is a great app for facing your social fears because not only do you practice conversating but you also get to meet other mothers who are similar to you. This can help ease the fears even better! Peanut has also helped my mindset and has helped me reduce stress by helping me learn how to look at new perspectives and ways to problem-solve the challenges that arise while raising a toddler and working on a business.

Meet Up

This is also another good app that I use to help reduce my stress, boost my confidence and change my mindset. You also have the option to meet other people based on different interests. This is also another good app that I use to help boost my confidence for practicing meeting new people and having conversations. Here you can meet up with mothers andentrepreneurs. You also have the option to meet other people based on different interests.

Inner Talk

A scientific backed up program that helps change negative self patterns through the use of subliminal and hypnosis audio messages. It has even helped some people overcome lifetime addictions, become freed from years of emotional pain, build fortunes, helped their families improve in school and so much more. I have personally used the Soaring Self Confidence OZO program to help boost the process of achieving my confidence goals.

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