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Supercharge Your Career Confidence After a Long Break

Your career confidence can take a big hit after going back to work after a long hiatus. 

But you may fill up your mind with self-doubt and worries about if you will mess the whole thing up and lower your confidence even more.

Maybe you took a long break because of your new baby, you decided to go back to school, or you just got comfortable in your current situation. Either way, it’s okay. We all do it at some point in our lives. I feel that it’s just a normal part of burnout and being human.

Whatever the circumstance may be, the good news is that your career confidence can be fixed. Here are some ways you can do that.

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1. Having career confidence means knowing your worth

It’s good to do your research to see how much your unique skill sets and your years of experiences are worth.

Once you know your where your strengths are and how they link to your worth, you will be able to make better informed decisions on a career path. 

You will also go into interviews and the workplace knowing how valuable you are without questioning it. 

 To jumpstart your research, check out this website that calculates your market value through a salary calculator here

2. Boost your knowledge

If you want to go back into a certain field but you know you already have the knowledge, it won’t hurt to brush up on those skill a second time. 

Brushing up on those skills will help you feel certain that you will make less mistakes within your work duties. 

Boosting your knowledge helps even more if you’re trying to enter a new field.

You can even do it for free depending on what you’re trying to learn, either by doing volunteer work or by taking free online courses.

I would recommend using the edX website which has more than 2,500 FREE online courses from different institutions like Harvard University, Berkeley University of California and more.

On edX, you can also show how much you have learned within your resume and interview, by paying for an optional verified certificate for each course you completed.

3. Improve your Body Language

Not following the rules of good body language means that you will lack building rapport with people and science shows that body posture affects how we think about ourselves.

It also leads to ruined interviews, fewer opportunities, bad first impressions, and wrong messages.

There are so many things that go into body language.

Some of them include good standing and sitting postures, proper handshakes, hand movements, legs etiquette, facial expressions, walking, and proper eye contact.

A good essential guide I would recommend is the book “Without Saying a Word: Master the Science of Body Language and Maximize your Success” by Kasia Wezowski.

4. Track your work progress

This is a big and important one and girl, you better get your notebook down for this one! 

Often times, we tend to ignore our small wins because they dont always come with recognition or rewards.

But, when you see how far you come within your work progress, it helps you see those small wins which ends up becoming big motivators and big career confidence boosters.

Tracking your work progress also helps you improve the ability to estimate the completion of your tasks and projects. 

And this will help you improve your credibility which then again improves your career confidence even more. 

Milestones within your work progress will also tell you if what you are doing is working. Then, you can tweak your methods. 

What are some things that you do to boost your career confidence? Comment below. 

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